June 2017
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Oakfield Refinery, Macdermott Rd, Widnes, WA8 0PF +44151 423 6152

We buy, collect and process 

Waste oils & Fats 

About us 

Bensons Products Ltd has been collecting and processing waste oil and fats, from establishments across the UK since 1996. The knowledge and experience accumulated by the team in this time, has allowed Bensons to become the largest, independent waste oil and fats refinery firm in the UK; offering a broad range of waste oil solutions and services. Whether you are an independent kitchen, or a national chain business, we can help. 

Our Services

Waste Collection

We have a fleet of vehicles and drivers on the road daily, capable of collecting up to 26 tonnes of waste in a single trip.

Storage Solutions

We have a range of automated and non-automated waste oil storage solutions available from 60Litres - 20,000 litres

Oil & Fats Processing

We can process up to 4000 tonnes of waste oil and fat every month in our fully equipped waste refinery plant

Tonnes of waste processed each year

UK Customers

Vehicles on the road

Oil & Fat Collections 

We offer a fully comprehensive waste collection service for over 3000 kitchens across the UK. We cater to everyone, big or small.
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We Deliver

Choose a storage option from our range. We will then arrange a suitable date and time to deliver it you free of charge


You Fill

Fill up your container with your waste oil and fats. When it is nearly full, call us and book a collection.


We Pay

We will collect it from you at no cost, and replace it with a fresh, empty like for like container. We will pay you an agreed price for every kg of waste collected.

If you make food, 
you make waste. 
We can help...
Fast Food Chains
Food Factories
Oil Collectors 
Call us to arrange 
a collection service
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Storage Solutions 

We have a range of waste oil storage solutions available. We provide units ranging in size from 60 litres to 20,000 litres, in both automated and non-automated variants. So no matter the size of your business, we can help

Oil & Fat Processing

There's power in waste
Check out our refinery plant 

Our Facilities 

make processing 

quick & easy

Weigh bridge

A fully integrated weigh bridge system allows us to accurately weigh all the products that enter or leave our site


Every product is tested for M&I, Sulphur and FFA levels, in our onsite laboratory.

Packaging Shredder

We can easily remove oil and fats from various packaging types, including foil wrapping and plastics

Steam Processing

We use high pressured, steam rods to extract solidified oil and fats from the containers they arrive in.

Oven Melting

Our brand new, state of the art ovens can melt up to 200 tonnes of waste oil & fats in a single cycle.

Distillation Tanks

With 27 distillations tanks on site, we can distill in excess of 1,000 tonnes of waste oil at any one time

Call us to discuss
processing & haulage 
No truck? No problem.
We can pick it up.
With our wide range of vehicles and team of highly trained drivers, we can ensure your waste oils & fats get to us, even when you can't.   
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Our fleet includes 
  • Articulated Vehicles

  • 26T Box & Curtain Sider Trailers

  • 26T Tanker Trailers

  • 14T Rigid Tankers

  • 18T Drop Side Vehicle

  • 4.5T Tail-lift Vans

  • Mounted Moffetts - subject to availability