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We collect & process your waste oil & fat 
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We are the largest independent oil refinery in the UK

We have a range of services to suit everyone
We have a range of automated waste storage solutions available. They come in automated and non-automated variants, and range in size from 60L - 20,000L. Still not enough? We also offer custom built solutions to suit your exact needs.
Storage Solutions
60L - 20,000L
We collect waste oil and fats from over 3000 kitchens across the UK. Our specialist vehicles and friendly drivers make light work of shifting your waste. Contact us today to arrange a collection.
Waste Collection
Monday - Friday
We have our very waste oil refinery plant in Widnes, Cheshire. Are you an oil collector? We can process your waste for you.
Up to 4000 tones per month
Up to 26 tonnes per load

Litres of Oil Process Each year

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Waste Oil Storage


We have a range of automated and non-automated
storage solutions available.

We have both indoor and outdoor options, ranging
from 60Litres to 20,000Litres.
Waste oil and fats processing
Collectors, we've got you covered!  
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