Bensons Frontline InternationalBensons Products is the sole UK distributor for Frontline International products, the industry-leading equipment for the storage, handling and disposal of waste cooking oil.


Sustainable systems are important to the foodservice industry. It is equally important to be able to demonstrate a reduction in your environmental footprint. That’s why Frontline International has invested so heavily in the research, design, and development of our Smart Oil Management® systems —systems that make it easy for customers to handle and recycle their restaurant and facility grease and, in the process, help contribute valuable ingredients for biodiesel that reduce the harmful emissions associated with global warming.

Our mission at Frontline International is to help you incorporate sustainability into your every day practices. We also want our customers to reap the benefits of managing their own rebates on waste oil.

Why should oil rebates be important to you? Because the production of biodiesel is a growth market and record amounts of biodiesel will be produced in the coming years. That means profits for you on a commodity that was once discarded.


Burns and slips and falls are two of the most preventable injuries affecting the foodservice industry. In addition to the human toll, these accidents can leave you short handed and can cost you money (e.g. sick pay, compensation claims, increased insurance costs). By implementing a Smart Oil Management program, most fryer hazards can be engineered away.

Everyone has a part to play when it comes to stopping slips. Chefs, managers and business owners need to set up effective systems for preventing slips and trips and then need to ensure staff are informed, trained and following those systems. Staff can make a big difference by adopting a ‘see it, sort it’ mentality. – Source HSE Website

Our mission at Frontline International was to design a system engineered to clean up one of the nastiest areas of the kitchen and eliminate burns and slip hazards. We want to help prevent burns, slips, and falls and otherwise keep kitchens cleaner, safer, and more sanitary.” – John Palazzo, President of Frontline International.

Increase your workplace safety with Frontline’s Smart Oil Management™ systems, offering automatic filling of fryers and Direct-Plumbed® waste oil systems that reduce accidents such as burns, slips, and falls from hot oil and greasy floors.


We help you enhance your operating efficiency and productivity. Our systems ensure:

  • Less downtime and labour required to fill or drain the fryers.
  • Increase productivity and kitchen safety.
  • Monitor, measure and manage your oil use and ensure quality and consistency for your business.


Frontlines proprietary Smart Oil Management systems include three options for managing waste cooking oil, plus an optional Grill Grease System that can be placed directly from the fryer to a Smart Oil Containment Tank in one of three days:

  • Direct - Plumbed System (fully automated, labour saving)
  • Remote - Plumbed Waste Oil Pump Station System (semi-automated)
  • Caddy System (manual with automation – safer than buckets and barrels)